Does Your Training Program Reach its Full Potential?

Every FAA Repair Station is required to have an approved training program and use the approved training manual. While there are certain training guidelines Part 145 Repair Stations have to follow, there is no official method to measure competency. How does your repair station measure competency? Some places use a simple sign off sheet. While […]

Benefits of E-Learning

In almost every position at every workplace, some form of training is necessary. It is important for employees to be knowledgeable about not only their specific job duties but the company/organization they are working for as well. Many governing organizations even set specific training requirements, so courses have to be tailored to comply. The more […]

How a Business can get Benefitted with Corporate Training

Corporate training is being evolved in recent years in all sorts of business areas to enhance the knowledge and performance of their crew. Learning and development professionals and corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners in most of the businesses for their success. Corporate training programs cover many areas including leadership and management, human resource management, […]

Why your Corporate Training Program is Failing

There’s no question that corporate training plays a valuable role in driving businesses forward. That is when they are properly executed. Otherwise, they can be a waste of company resources. At CD Training Academy we make sure that your team has the tools they need to serve customers in our industry. We do so by using innovative […]