CD Training Academy

Your Company Learning Management System Solution and more.

CD Training Academy, LLC. (CDTA) provides you with a turn-key training management solution.

CDTA learning management system (LMS) platform is customized and branded for your company with your own designated link to log-in, retains all your business and employee training records in an easy and manageable format that makes tracking recurrent training and going through audits a breeze.

Purchase on demand training courses for you to access for 30 days.
New courses added continually.

Create a custom training program for your company that assigns, tracks, and retains all employee training records. Plus, track On-the-Job Training and provide reports, quiz results, and certificates during audits when requested.


Value of Training

Empowers Your Workforce

Gives You a Competitive Edge

Benefits Your Bottom Line

Importance of Compliance Training

Save time, frustration and money with
CD Training Academy LLC