Your Complete Turn-key Training Solution

In today's market, there are many training services to choose from. It can be a daunting task when researching the best option. At CD Training Academy, we are proud to set ourselves apart from the competition with a turn-key management system that is affordable, customizable, loaded with 160+ courses out the gate, tracks On-the-Job Training, builds Learning Paths, sets automated onboarding experiences that saves so much time, and so much more!

With having several years of being a Training Director for a Part 145 Repair Station, Alaina understands how important it is to have a good training management system put in place to be successful while wearing several hats in industries typically, navigating through the everchanging rules and regulations, and being audited by regulatory authorities.

It is important for a Company to have a solution that alleviates the cumbersome task of overseeing the management of required initial and recurrent training. It is a huge benefit and timesaver to have a one stop shop that retains all training records, including, On-the-Job Training, Online Training, and Third Party Training Courses.

CD Training Academy LMS portal is branded with your company name/logo, and we will customize our training courses to produce a training certificate that is branded with your company name/logo and QA Director's name or who you choose to have on the certificate that's accountable for your training program.

It’s your electronic file cabinet that provides on-demand reports, training status and recurrent training due. Companies have the capability of adding their own in-house training courses, and we also include over 160+ courses to the portal.

"We are here to alleviate the burden for our customer's management of training." – Alaina, Chief Learning Officer

CD Training Academy is comprised of a team with having a diverse background in various industries and experience in highly regulated industries. We understand the importance of compliance and assessing risk. Navigating through the sea of ever-changing legal requirements and administrative rules is critical to creating and sustaining a healthy regulatory compliance training program. A turn-key system that organizes training needs, tracks, and records is a must.