Dealing with Difficult Customer Situations

Dealing with Difficult Customer Situations

Have you ever been in an awkward situation when dealing with customers? 

 Customer service roles can have many challenges, one being the customer. You will find yourself in situations that are less than ideal as an unhappy customer is never the goal. However, the steps you take to resolve the customer’s concern will determine how the situation will play out. Knowing what to say to a customer and how to say it will lead to a more favorable outcome. While this can save the situation, it requires you to have the proper training and knowledge, which lies in your employers’ hands.

 Do you know what to do when confronted with:

A conversation you’ve lost control over?

A customer who asks for a refund or cancellation?

A question or request that requires a “no” response?

A company crisis in which normal operations are interrupted or suspended?

 If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. With the proper training and implementation, you can become an expert in dealing with uncomfortable situations and navigating them to keep the customer pleased and you in control. If you have a role in customer support or sales, it is likely you will come across these situations. This is why it is imperative you are given the right tools that equip you for success in dealing with demanding customers.

 Whether you are in an entry-level position or a seasoned professional, we can all find ourselves in a difficult situation. Business owners should take the proper steps in equipping their employees with the knowledge they need in order to be comfortable dealing with customers of all types. The more your employees practice their skills, the more confident they will feel in these situations.

 Don’t let difficult situations get the best of you. Learn how to resolve and combat those awkward conversations with these seven simple tips!

  1. Listen Actively
  2. Ask Specific Questions to Identify the Problem
  3. Stay Calm
  4. Keep Communication Open
  5. Don’t take it Personally
  6. Assess the Customer’s Needs
  7. Look for a Solution

 CD Training Academy now offers the course ‘Difficult Customer Situations,’ which will teach your employees to tackle challenging scenarios and regain control when a conversation goes sideways. This course will walk employees through four complex customer service scenarios and teach them the proper approach for each situation.

For more information on how CD Training Academy can help you, call Alaina at (417) 553-2121 or email


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