Learning Management System (LMS)

CD Training Academy (CDTA) provides additional training consulting services for your business needs. We specialize in highly regulatory training. We will work with all industries to put a training program in to place. Some industries we work with include: aviation, food service and hospitality, health and safety, lean six sigma, manufacturing, retail, and transportation industries.

By having a learning management system (LMS), you will be equipped with a huge time saver. It bridges a means of communication cross multiple locations for large companies to standardize training, communication, procedures, and industry updates. Having a complete company LMS in place that is built for your company also bridges the employee knowledge and skill gap to meet the organization goals.

We will demonstrate a cloud-based LMS that is one of the most user-friendly platforms to deliver and support its users with online content, record-keeping, tracking, reporting, and certifications that meets or exceeds many quality standards.


For more information feel free to call 417.553.2121 or send us an email to sales@cdtallc.com.