Transportation of Dangerous & HAZMAT Goods Training

Transportation of Hazardous Material Training is a regulatory requirement for most businesses that have the potential of handling and shipping hazardous materials. We provide certification training that meets the requirements of 49 CFR Part 172.704(d) and ICAO Technical Instructions. Our comprehensive Transportation of HAZMAT training at CD Training Academy is provided on-site for an additional fee or included in the CD Training Academy learning management system subscription at no additional charge.

The most important reason to take the Transportation of HAZMAT training course is to be compliant and be equipped with certified hazmat shippers on-site that are qualified to ship hazardous material. It is important to ensure the health and safety of workers, the workplace, general property, and our environment. CD Training Academy has specialized in providing the complete in-depth training of HAZMAT transportation for over 10 years.

Transportation of Hazardous Materials Training Outline: ​

All the above-mentioned areas are guided with step-by-step instructions in handling and offering hazardous materials in transit referencing the latest rules & regulations. ​

In this course, you will learn:​

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