Why your Corporate Training Program is Failing

Why your Corporate Training Program is Failing

There’s no question that corporate training plays a valuable role in driving businesses forward. That is when they are properly executed. Otherwise, they can be a waste of company resources. At CD Training Academy we make sure that your team has the tools they need to serve customers in our industry. We do so by using innovative training modules that help you exceed industry and regulatory expectations. Let’s delve into why current corporate training programs fall short of the mark.

* Your program lacks any type of “Monitoring”: Corporate training requires that participants be monitored in some way. This means more than simply doing a headcount of the participants. It means doing exercises, making sure that the student is engaged, and understood the content, etc. Moreover, the big responsibility for monitoring is that of the QA or HR department.

* Irrelevant training material and content: Training courses and the content need to be relevant to you and your employees or your training efforts are wasted. You should be careful to review the materials that will be covered to make sure that they are relevant to your organization. Our materials are up-to-date and industry-specific to ensure it will be relevant to your company. We believe that targeted training helps to develop employees who will be an asset to your company and to your clients.

* Failing to measure the success of training: A surprising amount of companies fail to do this very critical task. Ideally management should have a clear set of goals and objectives in mind before training begins. After training, they should also have a way to monitor the participants to see if they are accomplishing the goals set forward in training. This should all be done in order for companies to measure not only the success of training but also the cost efficiency of that training.

* Employees are allowed to lose focus: Complex information needs to be delivered to students in digestible portions. Otherwise, all but the exceptional student may lose focus and fall short of the company’s expectations. Our training is broken up into modules so that students can go at a more measured pace.


The world of business is changing on a daily basis and it’s time your corporate training methods followed suit. By changing your corporate training methods you can improve efficiency and make sure that you aren’t just wasting the precious resources of time and money.


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