5 Unproductive Ways to Manage People

5 Unproductive Ways to Manage People

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When good workers leave in droves it is a pretty good clue that there might be a problem with the way a company is managing its employees.  This is one of the strongest hints that management must be retrained. After all, every company should desire that good workers stay and bad ones are retrained or terminated when necessary. One of our modules in our CD training program involves having an effective leadership training program and good leaders who know how to manage people first and foremost. Try to avoid these mistakes when managing your own employees.

  • Extreme micro-management: Leadership should have confidence in their hiring choices. Controlling an employee’s every action and second-guessing his/her every decision can be very frustrating to that worker and is an inefficient way to manage people.

  • Fail to provide clear direction: On the opposite side of micro-management is a failure to provide clear direction and follow-up with your team. Workers must know what is expected of them if they are to succeed. Make your expectations clear to employees so that they do not feel rudderless.

  • Fail to head off small problems that could escalate: Often managers who feel uncomfortable with certain difficult situations just walk away in the hopes that the problem will resolve itself eventually. Usually problems are not resolved this way. In fact, problems usually worsen when this kind of approach is taken. Instead, leaders should be proactive when they detect problems that might fester if ignored.

  • Not recognizing contributions and reward good work: Effective leaders should reward top performers in their organization. Sometimes this reward can be simple praise and other times it can be things such as bonuses, money, more flexible work hours, etc. The key is to keep exemplary performers properly motivated.

  • Hiring and promoting the wrong people: When managers fail to hire the right people not only do they make their workplace unproductive, but they also demotivate people who are a good fit for the job and who are qualified. This can be bad for workplace morale.

Of course, there are other unproductive ways to manage people and our CD Training Academy consulting services can help you head off many of these mistakes. We are committed to solutions that will help improve and grow your business so that it is an asset to our industry. We do this by offering a comprehensive package involving every aspect of the aviation business.


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