Does Your Training Program Reach its Full Potential?

Does Your Training Program Reach its Full Potential?

Every FAA Repair Station is required to have an approved training program and use the approved training manual. While there are certain training guidelines Part 145 Repair Stations have to follow, there is no official method to measure competency. How does your repair station measure competency? Some places use a simple sign off sheet. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be more beneficial to also include some type of assessment in order to measure how well the learner knows the information. This method allows supervisors to see if there are any skill gaps and what specific knowledge the learner isn’t retaining.

It is important to not only measure the competency of employees but to track and record their training as well. Oftentimes this can end up being more of a hassle than it needs to be. Organizing and storing all of this paperwork takes time. Sometimes you could be wasting your time focusing on this, or you may even be neglecting this task and not spending enough time on it.

This is where CD Training Academy (CDTA) can help. CDTA is an online training system that offers a variety of courses for other employees in the aviation industry. What sets CD training academy apart from other training systems is that we also offer free customized training with your subscription. Most courses either have a quiz/exam or feedback question at the end to measure the learner’s competency. A couple of examples of these courses are our Part 145 training and drug and alcohol training. Depending on the material, individuals may have the opportunity to review the course content and retake the quiz to improve their scores.

Our learning management system utilizes a variety of methods for individuals to track training. The system provides progress bars to easily show if a learner has started or completed a course, and what their score is once they have finished. CDTA also has built-in record-keeping software, which makes managing training records a breeze. You no longer need to shuffle through stacks of paper. CD Training Academy organizes each individual’s training in a simple to read and easy to access format.


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